Long Vowel Games 2 Reading Software

Words with i-e, igh, oa, oi, or, ou, ow, ow, oy, y

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About the Long Vowel Games Reading Software

Mango, our little green parrot, helps your pupils learn and differentiate the long vowel phonemes: i-e, igh, oa, oi, or, ou, ow, ow, oy, y. The games come complete with two lesson plans per game, one for the classroom and one for the computer suite/lab. Each lesson is packed with printable resources that complement the games: there are more than 130 printable resources for this bundle of games, including worksheets for use in the class or for homework. The games are ideal for supporting the teaching of synthetic phonics.

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long vowels worksheet

The software can be downloaded and installed immediately - it’s an easy process - simply click the Install Now button at the top of this page, then follow the on-screen instructions. Plus, there’s no need to have an internet connection to run the games once installed (*internet is required for downloading, purchasing and for accessing lesson plans) - thus avoiding any risk when teaching a lesson because of internet failure.

software 5 day free trialOnce installed we’ve given you a 5 day FREE trial period where you can access all the games, lesson plans and resources for evaluation - making the buying process totally transparent: you know exactly what you’re getting for your money!

The software uses Adobe AIR, it’s like Flash Player, but for your desktop. In order to run the software Adobe AIR needs to be installed on your computer. Simply click the INSTALL NOW button and Adobe AIR is installed for you. More info on Adobe AIR.

Check out some of the resources:
oa lesson plan
oa worksheet 1
ow resource 2


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